Who we are

FCA Solutions Limited is based in Milton Keynes, and is run by Richard Freeman, a Chartered Accountant who has been working with owner-managed businesses for more than thirty years. These have ranged in size from one person start ups to companies employing more than fifty staff, as well as companies preparing to float on the stock exchange and multi-nationals. They cover a range of industries including high technology, manufacturing, sales and distribution, design and printing, and service industries. Previous clients include the "Fastest Growing Business in East Anglia" and winners of prestigious design awards.

He's learnt why some business work and others don't, and what businesses both want and need from their advisers, and perhaps just as importantly, what they don’t. He's also gone through his own business cycle from "start-up" to "exit", and as a result has worked through many of the trials and tribulations you may now be experiencing.

His work is based on tried and tested principles, gleaned from previous clients, from his own experience, and from the leading worldwide experts in business.

His aim is to help his clients apply this knowledge database to their own businesses, to help them create a more successful, profitable business that requires less of their time and energy.

Richard spent nine years working for an international firm of accountants followed by twelve years working in industry for multinational companies, partly as a "troubleshooter", partly heading up various UK finance functions. He started up an accountancy practice, which after some years of steady growth tripled in size over three years. After the practice was sold in 2003 he began working through FCA Solutions Limited, and has now had over ten years experience as an Outsourced Finance Director and Consultant.

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Who we are