Strategic Planning

The owner of a property-rental company asked us to help her focus on the really important things in her business, so that she could drive it forward in ways that would meet her long-term objectives.

We had two half-days together. We started the first one by discussing whether she was enjoying her business life as much as she would like. This led to talking through the things that the business was doing well and those that it wasn’t doing so well, and beginning to think about where she saw herself in 5 years time or so. We ended the afternoon by brainstorming some ideas about how to generate more interest in her properties from her target audience, and how to increase both occupancy rates and weekly charges. An Action Plan for the following month was agreed, with specific timings to enable it to be completed before our next meeting.

The second session started by reviewing this Action Plan. It was immediately obvious that significant progress had been made, and we built on this to set some further goals, particularly in areas of systemisation, managing perceptions, and staff responsibilities. We then moved on to the bigger picture, as the month that had elapsed had seen developments in her personal life which had totally changed her thinking on her longer-term ambitions. A number of very different options were explored, which led to us listing down some fairly fundamental decisions that needed to be made before any new business direction could be settled. She eventually decided to sell off the business and retire with her new husband to sunnier climes – definitely a successful outcome to the initial brief!

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