When our Finance Officer left a few years ago, we asked Richard at FCA Solutions to help us keep our records up-to-date and ensure that our VAT returns were filed on time. This gave us time to consider the various options available to us. A few months later we agreed that the basic work should be done by a book-keeper, with Richard both overseeing her work and helping us restructure our accounting systems and reporting procedures. When this was done, we appointed a new Finance Officer, and ever since then, Richard comes in when needed, to help with the month-end processes, provide a commentary on the accounts for our Board Meetings, and to help us with ad hoc projects when they arise.

Richard's work has always been exemplary, providing expertise when we need it most, alongside a flexible approach that fits in with our requirements. It’s always helpful to bounce ideas around with him, especially as the business changes (such as when we started up our Community Interest Company), and the support he provides to the organisation is second to none.

Chief Executive, C


We’re very pleased with the support that Richard provided over an 18-month period. He came in when our group was experiencing some major transitional changes, and helped us set up and run our monthly consolidation and board reporting routine. This was complicated by the need for different report layouts for different audiences, but all needing to be generated from the same initial data input.
Richard was sympathetic to the practical problems that arose, and was helpful and encouraging to all staff members that he came into contact with. Our consolidation model is now running smoothly, and the training he has provided means that our new financial controller can now prepare the various reports we need without any assistance – although we know we can call on Richard again should we have a major crisis!

Head of Finance, P Ltd


When our Head of Finance left, we weren’t able to find a permanent replacement immediately, so we asked Richard to help us out on a part-time basis until we did. Although our accounting processes are generally straightforward, at the time we were merging two companies into one and moving from two accounting systems to one. Our reporting requirements to our parent company are also fairly complex and have to be delivered punctually, even in tough times. Richard picked up the issues quickly, and interacted well with our on-site UK staff and with our European colleagues, enabling us to keep on the straight and narrow while we looked for a replacement. With Richard’s help in the recruitment process as well, this happened much more quickly than we had expected, and in less than two months our new Head of Finance was in place and fully operational. Thank you, Richard, for your valuable assistance during this difficult time.

UK Director and Company Secretary, S UK Ltd


FCA Solutions have provided valuable input to S Ltd for over six years.  Before we started trading, they produced initial forecasts, which showed that the business should be a success, and also enabled us to calculate how much cash we needed to inject into the business at the outset. The forecasts provided us with an estimation of how much work we needed to bill each month in order to meet our ongoing commitments as well as to repay the money we had invested in the business as loans over our agreed timescales.  Importantly, we were, and still are, able to keep a close, regular check on cash flow and profitability.

Since then, FCA Solutions have set up our accounting system and processes and have trained our staff how to use them.  They have helped us to recruit an excellent Finance Manager, and are closely involved with their ongoing training. They work on our account for approximately one day a month. This includes a review of our monthly management accounts and the processing of the payroll. On a more ad hoc basis, FCA Solutions are always there to give advice, answer questions and explain issues to the Directors or the Finance Manager and to liaise with the Inland Revenue or VAT office.

We all appreciate the support and encouragement they provide us with and have absolute trust that our accounting processes are thorough and reliable.  I’d be happy to recommend them to anyone who, like us, needs a high-level finance expert to oversee their accounting procedures and who wants to ensure that they are in safe hands, and at the same time wants to understand clearly the finances for themselves.

Director, SHR Ltd


We needed an experienced finance professional to quickly take over responsibility for the preparation of our management accounts, payroll, and budgeting process etc. These tasks were done quickly and efficiently, and, as a direct result, early the following year and after discussions with the Board of Directors, (Richard) was made responsible for producing and presenting the monthly management accounts at the monthly Board meetings.

He was instrumental in helping us raise our next tranche of equity-based funding, appointed and trained new accounts staff as and when required, reassessed and upgraded our company car policy, provided relevant information to help us in our commercial negotiations with customers and suppliers, was responsible for the taking of Board Meeting minutes and carried out a host of other ad hoc projects.

In preparation for our IPO, we decided that we needed an FD with wide-ranging experience with city institutions etc so we subsequently appointed a new FD. The transition between Richard and our new Finance Director has worked extremely well, and we are pleased to still rely on FCA Solutions to provide the company with on-going specific project support.

It is fair to say that without FCA Solutions’ assistance over the last few years, our company would not be in the strong position it is in today.

Managing Director, IIS Ltd


I used the services of FCA Solutions for the purpose of writing my business plan.  I found Richard’s help and support invaluable.  I find the figures side of business quite hard, however Richard was patient and explained everything to me really carefully and made sure I understood fully before moving on.

My finished business plan is excellent. Also Richard continues to offer help and advice and has even sent newspaper articles, which he has read and are relevant to my business.  This help is above and beyond what I paid for.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of FCA Solutions and will definitely use them again some time soon.

Director, I Ltd